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Social Media and Conflict in Nigeria


Gaining Context

In 2017, PeaceTech Lab expanded its role in combating online hate speech to Nigeria where the country’s varied conflict scenarios and growing tech use create an ideal environment for the presence and proliferation of inflammatory language. As Nigeria approaches the 2019 general election, there is immense concern that hate speech will rise and have a damaging effect on the election process.

Addressing the Problem

To help stabilize the conflict environment, PeaceTech Lab developed a Lexicon of Hate Speech Terms, combining cutting-edge social media analysis with in-country expertise to identify both the terms likely to incite violence and their social and political context. The Lexicon, published in April 2018, also identifies alternative language that would mitigate the impact of this speech.

The goal of this report is to inform organizations and individuals combating hate speech and building peace in Nigeria while raising awareness among social media users on the dangers of using specific inflammatory language.

Source: http://www.peacetechlab.org/nigeria-hate-speech-lexicon/

This post was originally published on peacetechlab.org


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