Journalists’ Internet Rights (NJIRI)

Project Start Date: June 1, 2017

Project End Date: June 1, 2017

IFEX is supporting IPC to implement The Nigerian Journalists Internet Rights Initiative (NJIRI) from September 2017 to August 2018.

The goal of the campaign is to facilitate a free and safe online environment for journalists and other media professionals in Nigeria.

It is expected that through the project, the right to freedom of expression for online journalism in Nigeria is respected, protected and guaranteed within the medium and long term.

The Nigerian Journalists Internet Rights Initiative (NJIRI)” aims to advance the right of freedom of expression for online journalists in Nigeria. It is premised on ensuring that internet spaces and online platforms are safe and free of institutional limitations for Journalists and other media practitioners to use as mediums of information and engagement. Such will enable citizens to have informed interactive views, opinions and perception on varying socio-economic issues.

Pursuant to achieving the above stated goal, the campaign will involve six (6) activities, namely:

  1. Conduct research on existing frameworks of freedom of expression and internet rights with a view to assess the possible effect on the rights and practice of online journalists.
  2. Multi-media training of project team on running social media campaigns.
  3. Public presentation of research report and launch of the NJIRI.
  4. Creation of NJIRI blog and running of social media campaign.
  5. Advocacy visit to institutional stakeholders.
  6. Organization of two (2) Tweet conferences/mini-media roundtable around internet rights/day themes.

It is envisaged that the NJIRI will engage governments and/or key private sectors to ensure that measures are put in place to uphold online communications and expression from a human rights perspective. The initiative also advocates for the respect and the protection of the right to freedom of expression and information online Nigeria. Furthermore, the initiative focuses on engaging government agencies and related institutional stakeholders on:

  1. Policies and actions that violate internet rights in Nigeria.
  2. Online violence against journalists.
  3. Harassments and detention of online Journalists.
  4. Statements and actions that infringe on rights of expression online, especially for journalists.

The NJIRI anticipates the advancement of freedom of expression online, thereby influencing policy makers to work towards a remarkable change for a safer and freer state of internet freedom in Nigeria and invariably positioning Nigeria to become a front runner in protecting online rights of journalists and media professionals.