Consultant – Production of short Documentary

The International Press Centre (IPC) hereby calls for expression of interest by suitably qualified Consultants for the production of a short documentary that aims to project and position women for political leadership and participation. 

The  documentary is part of the activities being implemented by IPC under component 4b: Support to Media of the European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria (EU-SDGN) Project. 

Purpose of the Documentary: 

The documentary/short film is to serve as channel for ensuring visibility and awareness creation on the issues of women, youths and PWDs during electoral processes and elections.


The documentary/short video film is to incorporate the following:

  • Provide a brief generic overview of the successes, challenges and limitations of women in political participation and election into  political positions in Nigeria.
  • Highlight IPCs work, especially relating to training conducted for 120 female candidates ahead of the 2019 elections.
  • Build narratives from the success stories of some of the women that were elected into political position as selling point to encourage more women to aspire for political office and governance positions 
  • Produce the documentary around a narrative that encourages support for women and increasing the overall participation of women in politics, especially with 2023 in view.

Special consideration:

In view of the underlining objectives, the documentary should:

  • Aim at increasing awareness on the imperative of inclusion and increasing the participation of women in electoral process;
  • Encourage citizens to be favourably disposed to women during electoral processes and elections.
  • Be suitable for general public view/ awareness creation and for TV primetime broadcast and social media posts. 

Task of the consultancy:

The CONSULTANT is expected to respond with a 2-4 pages concept note and a working budget as follows:

  1. Research and data gathering
  2. Script (pre-shoot)
  3. Script (post-shoot/editing script)
  4. Production


The task of the consultancy is expected to be executed within a period of 6-8 weeks.

Application Deadline:

Interested consultants are required to send the concept notes and budget by courier or email on/before Friday 28th of January 2022. Due to the special nature of the task, applications shall be reviewed on rolling basis or as received. 

Special clause:

  1. Without prejudice and based on the fact that the application shall be reviewed on a rolling basis, the IPC assessment may entail the scheduling of briefing meetings with consultant(s), sequel to the submission of their concept note, as received per time. 
  2. The IPC assessment team/Commitee shall have the final say on the consultant to be contracted, after assessment of all entries submitted and based on scheduled briefing meetings (as applicable).
  3. The final decision of the assessment team/Commitee shall be based on cost effectiveness, proven understanding, capacity for job excecution and budget. 
  4. As may be applicable, the assessment team/Commitee may suggest collaboration  among consultants, taking into consideration available resources, scope and timing.


IPC ‘Short Documentary’ Assessment Committee.

January 17, 2022


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