About Us

Who we are

The International Press Centre (IPC) Lagos-Nigeria is a leading Media Development and Press Freedom Organization dedicated to building media capacities for democracy and development.

What we do

IPC’s core thematic programmes cover:

  • Elections, Democracy and Good Governance
  • Open government, Anti-corruption, Transparency and Accountability
  • Freedom of Expression, Journalists Rights/Safety and Media Independence
  • Research, Monitoring and Publishing
  • Investigative journalism, use of ICT and new media
  • Community Journalism, Peacebuilding and Voices to the Vulnerable

Why we do what we do

Vision: IPC envisions a Nigerian and African media that serve as a major catalyst of development.

How we work

  • Training and Capacity Building to advance specialized, professional and ethical reporting of development, governance and democratic issues
  • Advocacy & Campaigns for media independence, journalists’ rights, press freedom, freedom of expression, access to information, citizens’ right to know and media access to vulnerable groups
  • Media Monitoring & Evaluation to assess trends in media coverage of development, governance and democratic issues
  • Research & Documentation to provide resources and assist researchers on contemporary national, regional and international media and related issues.
  • Publishing of media resource books
  • Partnership and Networking with national, regional and international media professional bodies and support groups as well as civil society coalitions

Where we work

  • Nigeria, West-Africa, Africa, Internationally.